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Professional Summary

    Responsible for the computing needs of a mid-size desktop publishing company. This required the development of numerous databases and support programs used in the production of magazines and directories for our clients. Information from the client databases would be converted and pre-formatted for use by desktop publishers on both Windows and Mac O/S platforms. My experience with desktop publishing systems provided a natural and rapid transition to the publishing of web pages with ColdFusion.

    Developed the hardware and software requirements for the entire publishing company. This experience included desktop systems, laptops, file/print servers, web/email servers, OPI servers, imagesetters, scanners and the associated LAN/WAN networking equipment.

    Programming skills include: Visual Basic, Cold Fusion, Perl, SQL and most web page publishing packages. Extensive experience with CorelDraw, PhotoShop, and desktop publishing applications. Responsible for setup and maintenance of PC and Macintosh computers in a mixed network including Windows NT, Novel and SGI UNIX servers.

Major Accomplishments

    Visual Basic Proper-T is a building maintenance and management system. It provides complete tracking of service calls and scheduling of preventive maintenance for your buildings. Types of calls, location and origin of each call and man-hours spent are tracked. This is a stand-alone program written with VB6 utilizing ADO and a Microsoft Access database.

    Conversion of an analysis and design program for concrete beams and slabs from FORTRAN in a UNIX environment to Visual Basic.  This required the development of a complete GUI front end, save/open procedures for both data and results, and a complete rewrite of the output routines. The resulting system includes over fifty forms and thirteen modules.

    Database Publishing Responsible for custom software to normalize, correct and organize client databases for use in desktop publishing. Worked closely with trade associations, chambers of commerce, non-profit groups and private corporations to prepare their membership data for publication. This required working knowledge of database systems and structures, the development of custom software in C, Clipper and Basic to convert, correct and verify the consistency of the data. Each client required a unique set of programs to sort and pre-tag the information for use by page layout software such as QuarkXpress, CorelVentura or PageMaker.

    Web Design Designed and implemented the Atlanta On the Go web site, This site utilizes Cold Fusion and SQL to maintain a database of events and places of interest throughout the city of Atlanta. Visitor searches by date, type of event and location are supported. For instance the visitor can request a list of plays in Midtown during the week of June 18th through the 25th. A comprehensive list of theaters, museums, shopping and dinning opportunities located throughout Atlanta is maintained in the database with phone numbers, addresses and directions via public transportation (MARTA). In addition to the public web site an extensive support site exists which provides convenient updating of information presented on the web site. This web site was constructed in less than three months utilizing in-house editorial and clerical staff, in addition to myself.

    Supervised the development of web sites to complement the Georgia On My Mind ( and Target Atlanta ( magazines. These sites provide consumer access to an extensive database of tourism and relocation information for Georgia and the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Developed prior to our adoption of ColdFusion these sites were built in conjunction with subcontractors utilizing customized database systems. Visitors may query the database for information based on the type of business, attraction or service and on geographic location of the resource. Target Atlanta focuses on relocation information for Atlanta, while Georgia Online provides tourism resources for the entire state. Both sites also provide a cross-section of editorial content from the printed magazines. Essential to each is the ability of non-technical staff to access and update the resource database and editorial content of the web site.

    Web Master Responsible for the design and maintenance of corporate/non-profit web sites. This includes development of content, design elements and photographs utilizing NetObjects Fusion, CorelDraw, PhotoShop and Ulead Image Utilities.

    Network Management Responsible for the specification, installation and maintenance of the internal network at Publication Concepts. The network is composed of two Windows NT servers and an SGI Origin 200 with 30 client desktop systems. Client systems are equally divided between PCs utilizing Windows 98/95 and Macintoshes. The SGI system supports Apple Talk over TCP/IP with a FullPress OPI system by Xinet. The Windows NT servers provide file/print services for the administrative and sales staff, corporate email services and web hosting for selected web sites.

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