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Hotel PMHotel-PM is preventive maintenance software designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. It provides management, organizational, tracking and reporting tools for the effective maintenance of your hotel. The program is capable of handling any size facility from the largest hotel to a small bed and breakfast. At the same time Hotel-PM is easy to learn and even easier to maintain. This is the solution to your preventative maintenance needs.

Hotel-PM is specifically for the hospitality industry. Whether you are responsible for a large hotel, a small inn, or multiple facilities, Hotel-PM provides the tool yiou need to keep your maintenance needs up-to-date. Preventative maintenance is scheduled for equipment and rooms. This includes not only guest rooms, but meeting rooms and publc areas. In addition the system tracks unscheduled maintenance requests (Service Calls.)

The program provides a comprehensive reporting system. Daily, weekly and monthly reports provide convenient review and work order status information. Summary reports provide easy to read summaries of maintenance activities based on man-time, work order type and volume. Maintenance history for rooms and equipment is also available.

For additional information you can download a PowerPoint presentation which provides a comprehensive review of the system. Hotel PM is available from Computer Ingenuity Associates (www.ciasoft.com)

Download a Demo of the Hotel PM program.

Hotel-PM Documents

Setup and User Instructions

Hotel-PM v2.x User's Guide

Installing the New version of Hotel PM (2.2.0 New in July, 2006)

Setting Up Hotel PM on a Network

Installing the Hotel PM on a Second Work Station

Finding Hidden Windows

Database Reload for Hotel-PM v2.0

Changing Tasks in Hotel-PM v2.0

MDAC 2.1 Troubleshooting Guide

Hotel-PM Downloads

Download Hotel PM Program v2.5.5 (Password Protected)

Configuration Repair Tool for Hotel PM program (Emergency Configuration contact CIA first.) (ver1.0.0).

Emergency Repair Utility for Hotel PM database (Emergency Repairs contact CIA first.) (ver1.9.0).

Emergency License Repair Utility for Hotel PM (Emergency utility contact CIA first.) (ver1.0.0).


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